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Our Cashmere

Naturally Hand Dyed

All scarfs are naturally hand dyed

Exclusive Cashmere

Only sourced from high altitude goats (about 14,000 ft above see level)  from the Himalayas


Our cashmere is up to 8x warmer than wool or cotton.

Excellent Insulation

Breathable insulator. Keeping you warm when its cold & cool when its warm

Cruelty Free

All our product are cruelty free

Enviromentally sustainable

Enviromentally sustainable

Ethically Sourced

Sourced only from local NGO’s/Businesses that fair pay all workers

Super Soft, Breathable & Light

Our cashmere is 6x finer than human hair. Thinner Cashmere is softer, ours is about 15 microns, means its super soft, breathable and light.


Extreamly long lasting if properly taken care of. Cashmere clothing can last more than 10 year when treated with proper care

Antibacterial & Hypoalogenic

Does not cause alergies or itchness, and does not easly retain bacteria due to its properties.

Shape Resilience

Does not shirnk and retains its shape better than wool. Our cashmere has about 40% natural elasitic and can recover upto 90% of original ply

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With a passion to make a statement for everyday luxury, Alchemy Story defines sophistication at a new level. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, style and class.

We Bring A Unique Perpestive to Our Products

We only bring “the best, the beautiful and the rare” from the land of the Himalayas to suit your sophistication with a finishing touch of quality and perfection. We believe in quality over quantity, making every effort to qualify the authenticity of each item – spot testing every batch 

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What Our Customers say

Alchemy Story has really great scarfs and shawls. The Dolphine Grey scarf is is my favourite.

Lizzie Thompson

Personally I use the dolphine grey scarf. Its an essential item classy yet comfortable for almost any occation

Edward Sanchez

The warmest and lightest Cashmere scarf I have ever worn.

Jesse Dcurz

One of our best Selling Sarf

A great scarf for every ocassion..