What is slow fashion (and why it’s important 2021)

What is slow fashion (and why it's important 2021)?

Slow fashion is where clothing brands are committed to ethical and sustainable business models from the resources used to the whole supply chain while building awareness. Slow fashion combats fast-fashion by ensuring that people are treated fairly with ethical and sustainable practices that results in better quality clothing that lasts longer. But what is fast-fashion and why is slow fashion important anyway?

Why is slow fashion important?

You may have heard about fast fashion. Which is a highly profitable business model in the fashion industry where high fashion designs and other trends are replicated and mass produced with low cost. The dark truth about the fast fashion industry is that fast fashion consumption is damaging the environment and humanity at an alarming rate, with many popular international brands using unethical and unsustainable practices.

“93% of brands surveyed by the Fashion Checker aren’t paying garment workers a living wage”. Fashion Checker

Slow fashion endeavours the perseverance of eco-consciousness and guilt-free fashion options. To alleviate some of the most provocative issues faced by the fashion industry, such as harmful environmental footprints, obscene amounts clothing ending up in landfill, and the exploitation of labour. 

Slow fashion is important, and it helps give more access to quality ethical and sustainable clothing that is still fashionable without the damaging side effects to people and the environment. 

Your slow fashion checklist
  • Practiced predominately by small and niche brands. 
  • Minimal product range.
  • High quality and sustainable raw materials.
  • Transparent about manufacturing including factory details and production process
  • Workers are paid a living wage and work in a safe environment

Australian Slow Fashion Brands

The brand strives to make a difference! They stand for exceptional quality, ethical factories and radical transparency! 

Image source: Everlane

Alchemy Story

At Alchemy Story we only share fairest sustainably handcrafted Himalayan cashmere & natural fibre knitwear at prices that do not compromise. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication – which means our knitwear is sophisticated enough to be worn both to casual and formal occasions.

Image source: Alchemy Story

Organic Crew

A Melbourne based apparel brand that strives to produce luxurious garments with zero harm to the planet. 

Image source: Organic Crew

Oakie Label 

An Australian brand that stands for eco, ethical and sustainable. Materials are carefully selected from natural fibres from linens, cottons, hemp, bamboo to any other land grown fibres. They are also vegan and animal-product free!

image 2
Image source: Oakie Label 

Other ways to slow down your fashion consumption

Shopping from slow fashion brands may not always satisfy your fashion needs, here are some other ways to spice up your wardrobe!

Upcycle your clothes through DIYs!

Simply find inspiration to re-create your own unique style by DIYs! Surf the internet, observe strangers on the street or go through your friends’ wardrobe, there are endless options to make them your own! 

Shop vintage and second-hand 

Vintage shopping is like treasure hunting, you never know what you’ll take back in your shopping bag and what OOTD will appear on your next post. With a fraction or even less of the prices from the stores, you can find pre-loved items and call it yours! This is the beauty and excitement of vintage that we want you to experience!

Swap clothes with your bestie 

Your bestie is your other self. You two could have completely opposite styles or identically the same, but remember, every piece of clothing looks different on every person. Scout their wardrobe during your next night in and have fun experimenting with fashion! 

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