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Cashmere Button Poncho | Charcoal Grey

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Ethically produced garment
growth Made using 97% less water than traditional cotton clothing on average, with close to zero carbon emissions

Wrap yourself in cashmere! For those who care about quality, these multi-way wearable travel wraps are the perfect accessory for layering in winter, giving you classy looks. They are delicately soft against your skin and the modern prints are handmade on traditional looms. These timeless wraps carry a story you can feel good about. They are all hand-dyed with natural dyes. Since it is blended with cotton, it can also be worn in summer as well. Not only that, these one-of-a-kind wraps can be worn in 7 different styles:

  1. Scarf
  2. Shawl
  3. Cardigan
  4. Snood
  5. Shrug
  6. Button back
  7. Poncho

Ply represents the amount of Cashmere used in our products. Although it does not noticeably increase the thickness of the product. It does significantly increase the softness, warmth, and durability of the product due to the way the garment is woven together.

Our products are all handloom using “ Tana Bana” technique and hand-dyed using natural dyes.

Since we are not using chemicals to make the cashmere products, the fibres are not damaged and remain as soft as nature intended and increasing the durability of the products. They are hand-spun and provide a richer hand as they are not treated with chemicals and are allowed to act in their natural state. Measurements: 70 cm * 140 cm

Material: 100% Hand-loomed Himalayan Cashmere

Care: Dry clean or hand wash cold and lay flat to dry
P.S. Dry clean strictly recommended for 6 Ply and above

Because of the hand-loomed nature of these wraps, each is one-of-a-kind and completely unique. There are slight variations in colours and patterns.

Serenity and pride

You can have piece of mind knowing that we ensure knitwear is ethically and sustainably produced.

Handcrafted with natural dyes

Our pieces our hand-loomed and dyed with natural dyes

effortless Chic Comfort

Our knitwear is inspired by nature and designed to be effortlessly chic, timeless and comfortable

Responsive Customer Service

We typically respond between 5m - 1 hour. Due to high demand, we currently offer 12 hours a day of support AEDT


Super Soft


Dry clean or hand wash only. Lay out flat to dry.




Very minimal pilling when looked after.


Super Soft


Yes if care instructions are followed

Warmth & Insulation

Long fibers means its a great insulator



Customer reviews

What Customers Say

Anna A
Anna A
Read More
HIGHLY recommend. Cashmere is SUPER soft & silky. As fine and luxurious as Burberry, Brunello Cucinelli, Johnstons, Barrie & Pringle. I love cashmere so have a lot of brands to compare Alchemy Story products with. I'm actually shocked at the high quality (especially as so much poor quality cashmere has hit the market in last 10 years so I am really picky with brands). The colours are so gorgeous too. Alchemy Story was absolutely wonderful - amazing customer service!! Thank you.
Cook with Avin
Cook with Avin
Read More
These Ponchos are beautiful. Really gorgeous quality and such fabulous price. The quality of cashmere is 4 times the price if not more. Great service.
Read More
I bought two wraps one for myself and the other as present . I am very happy with my purchase and the order arrived very quickly. Thank you so much
Aabash Kira
Aabash Kira
Read More
I purchased from travel wrap and poncho from their online store. Absolutely beautiful and such fast shipping!!!
Hannson C
Hannson C
Read More
Alex Wang
Alex Wang
Read More
I would highly recommend them. I buy a lot of products from them as they located in melbourne central. I support them because they have the finest handmade Cashmere while supporting workers in Nepal with fair wadges!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Depending on your address, your order will typically reach to you within ~10 business days after being dispatched. However we are experiencing inconsistent timeframes around the world due to covid-19.

Depending on your location and stock availability, we shall ship the order either from Australia or Nepal, whichever seems convenient. Custom made to order products are shipped from Nepal.


We always use DHL Express/Australian Post for shipping. 

Cashmere Goat

Unlike other brands that source their Cashmere from China or Mongolia, our Cashmere is sourced from the Himalayan Cashmere goats that live at 10-12000 meters above sea level and endure extreme snow, ice, and hail all winter long. This means their coats are naturally more lush and warm. Whereas domesticated cashmere goats have a relatively comfy and warm life at only 1,000 meters above sea level so these acclimatized goats have a much less warm or lush coats on average.  

This product is one size fits all. If you can prove it doesn’t fit you within 28 days, you can return you product for a full refund. 

We live out our values, we dont only care about quality Cashmere, we care about people. We cut our the middle-man by working inhouse with the goat herders and tailors paying them more than their usual wages and help bring them sustainable business. We committed to operating responsibly as we love fabrics and people. When it comes down to it people always come first.

We ensure sustainability through our fabric choices and considering the whole supply chain. Our Cashmere  is one of the most lush and sustainable fibre on the planet. We do this by taking into account and minimizing  negative  environmental, social and ethical factors as well in our supply chains. This means you can have peace of mind. You can learn more on our about us and our story pages.

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