There are 7 chakra energies located throughout the body, each one relates to different physical and emotional balances. When our chakras are in balance, we are happy and healthy but sometimes our chakras become imbalanced or blocked by other chakras being over or underactive. Wearing this chakra bracelet will help you to keep your chakras in check.

Each colour bead represents a different chakra…

1st RED Root Chakra – To have self-preservation; we have the right to be here
2nd ORANGE Sacral Chakra – To honour others
3rd YELLOW Solar Plexus Chakra – Self acceptance
4th GREEN Heart Chakra– To love
5th BLUE Throat Chakra – To speak and let your voice be heard
6th INDIGO Third Eye Chakra – Allow yourself to see the big picture
7th VIOLET Crown Chakra – Live mindfully