How We Started

Filled with passion and dedication for fashion and Cashmere, Alchemy Story has been a dream project for me and is dedicated to my mom. I always dreamt of bringing Cashmere and natural fibers products to the next level and Alchemy Story is the first step towards it. The beauty of handloom lies in dedication and patience craftsman puts onto it and still work of knitwear and handloom are always underrated and underestimated. Through Alchemy Story, I want to highlight and show the world the untold story of natural fiber and handloom products, produced from creativity, dedication, and skill, while broadening the market.

Artistry makes us feel rooted, give us a sense of belonging to our history. Our ancestors used to create natural fiber products out of necessity and soon the technology takes over. The Manmade world has made everything machine made and very few are lefts who admire and value the beauty of handloom products. Though Nettle plants and Cashmere has been used for centuries as a fibre source, soon they were replaced by cotton and silk and hand knitted and hand embroidery scarf is rare to find.

Alchemy Story promised to deliver delight to the doorsteps of Melbourne’s surrounding suburbs and all over Australia in form of very high-quality hand-loomed cashmere, and hand-knitted and embroidered scarfs from Nettle. Today there is a greater need to use natural, renewable products. Fiber fulfills this need, whilst also providing warm, stylish, and durable garments. We sincerely hope you find what you are looking for on this website, and that we provide you with the quality of knitwear product and level of service you expect.

We source our cashmere and natural fibers in an ethical manner, giving our manufacturers a fair pay, fair working conditions and an ability to do their job well. Our ethical way of doing business puts people and the environment in the center. It means treating everyone everywhere with respect. Through our work, we want to give local artisans in developing countries opportunities to make their own living and through their work empower and lift up their communities. That is why all of our products come from small producer groups from the land of the Himalayas. We are specialized in producing fabric/textile made out of different natural fibers and cashmere. These yarns are well chosen and are bought from well hand processed suppliers in order to make sure that the fabrics come out finer when woven in our factory. We focus on Customer Satisfaction in delivering quality goods within the time constraint. We partner with an NGO in Nepal called “ROSE NEPAL ( REANIMATION OF SILENT ECHOS)” to source natural handloom cashmere fabrics. Rose Nepal is a charity that teaches less fortunate people of Nepal how to produce handloom products and then fairly compensates them as employees once they have become proficient at the trade.

Besides producing fabrics, we have a separate team of fashion designers who seek to produce quality wearable garments for both men/women
Our motive highlights delivering products in a simple, qualitative and enjoyable way, enhancing handloom products from the finest quality fibers. We emphasize the best quality natural dyes to ensure the best results and to introduce products which are rare and precious. We don’t compromise on quality. Alchemy Story is an Australian brand with sole motive to make difference in fashion with natural fibers. Bringing better opportunities to local artisans and supporting growth in the developing world requires a lot of effort, as does reaching the needed, steady customer base. was built to offer empowering brands a common platform that consumers can trust.

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