How We Started

Filled with passion and dedication for fashion and crafts and decor, Alchemy Story has been a dream project for me and is dedicated to my mom. Watching my mom creating crafts since my early age, I always dreamt of bringing handicraft and handloom products to the next level and Alchemy Story is the first step towards it. The beauty of crafts lies in dedication and patience craftsman puts onto it and still work of handicrafts and handloom are always underrated and underestimated. Through Alchemy Story,...Read More

Cashmere Story

The luxurious cashmere has been handed down from generation to generation in royal and wealthy families throughout the world. Napoleon Bonaparte’s 18th-century campaign in Egypt brought cashmere to Paris and presented it to Empress Josephine. She set the trend of wearing cashmere-style shoulder shawls, sealing their reputation as the height of fashion amongst the upper class. Two hundred years later Cashmere remains an essential part of a fashionable wardrobe and popular wedding and bridesmaid gifts, attesting to the durability and widespread appeal of this...Read More

Terms of use

PRIVACY POLICY TERMS OF USE GENERAL Welcome to website (the “Website”). This Website is owned and operated by Alchemy Story Store (ABN 3012 6725 982) trading as Alchemy Story. We invite you to carefully review the Website’s Terms and Condition before continuing to access or using the Website. The Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors to or users of the Website. By accessing or using this Website you confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions and your agreement to be bound...Read More
We Believe "Simplicity is form of ultimate sophistication " With a passion to make a statement from everyday luxury to clothing and crafts, Alchemy Story defines sophistication in new ways.We tell the world the story of handicrafts, which was passed down by our ancestors and now if it is not retold will be soon forgotten.We only bring "the best, the beautiful and the rare" from the land of the Himalayas and South East Asia to suit your sophistication with a final touch of quality...Read More