Cashmere Story

The luxurious cashmere has been handed down from generation to generation in royal and wealthy families throughout the world. Napoleon Bonaparte’s 18th-century campaign in Egypt brought cashmere to Paris and presented it to Empress Josephine. She set the trend of wearing cashmere-style shoulder shawls, sealing their reputation as the height of fashion amongst the upper class. Two hundred years later Cashmere remains an essential part of a fashionable wardrobe and popular wedding and bridesmaid gifts, attesting to the durability and widespread appeal of this classic accessory.


We source only the finest of cashmere from “Capra hircus”s the most remote regions of Himalayas and live approximately 14,000 feet above sea level, these special goats grow a thin, inner coat of hair that insulates them during the long, harsh Himalayan winters. It is this unique inner coat of hair that is used to produce cashmere. Each hair is about 1/6th the diameter of most other types of hair – but is still surprisingly durable while being stunningly soft and comforting to human skin.


Cashmere is luxury, extravagant and valuable due to fact that it takes the entire annual growth of three of these goats to create just one cashmere scarf. Cashmere, we used to be are naturally shredded and no goats are harmed during the process. In a way, we can say special cashmere wool is the goats’ gift to everyone. And what an amazing gift it is!


With Alchemy Story, you don’t have to be royal to enjoy a cashmere of your very own! We make every effort to qualify the authenticity of each item – spot testing every batch and asking all providers to guarantee they send us the authentic items you order.


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