Nettle Plants have been used for centuries as a fiber source. It is an excellent material, and due to the limited treatment, the best qualities of natural fiber. Nettle softens in use it keeps you warm in the cold and does not make you hot and sweaty in warm weather. Nettle scarves do not irritate the skin or make it itch. Instead, the warmth of the skin softens the fiber, so the more you use it, the softer it gets.

The Fiber comes from the stem, and it is very long and strong, similar to ramie. After cutting the stem, the bark is removed and peeled and fiber is extracted.
We source our nettle fiber products from the Himalayan mountain villages in Nepal. The scarves are a part of a project to support the self-reliance of the villages through their own traditions and handicrafts. We support them by proving raw materials and equipment for production and later buying from them at a fair price, being able to Source the most ethical, fair trade, Eco and conscious materials We especially focus on fabrics that are handspun and handwoven, supporting ancient skills and traditional crafts. We strive to go deeper to the source of all materials – from the seed planted to the human weaving it. Our vision is to be able to connect with each being involved in the making from the very source.

The scarves are knitted from uncolored yarn in natural tones. The color of the yarn varies depending on in what kind of soil the plant has grown. All scarves have different beautiful lace patterns. The patterns are passed down from generation to generation by the women in the village. The nettle fiber does not come in contact with any kind of chemical substances at any stage. The fiber is treated using traditional methods only. After the plant fiber has been spun into yarn, the scarves are knitted by hand. The finished products are carried by foot for two days to the nearest road, from where they are transported to Kathmandu.

*Please note that colors of handwoven fabrics are unique and may vary a bit from item to item. We embrace this quality, as just like you and me – even the fiber will be who they want to be!

*Wash all-natural fabrics by hand or on a very gentle cold cycle, using ecological laundry products.
Please keep in mind that heat makes natural fabrics shrink a bit and that all fabrics get much softer after washing.

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