Cashmere vs. Merino—What’s to Choose?

Cashmere comes from goats and is softer still than sheep’s wool. Collecting these particular fibers is a laborious task that must be done by hand during spring molting season, resulting in a relatively small yield. The difficulty involved with collecting cashmere wool explains why it is relatively rare and considered a luxury item compared to sheep’s wool. It takes at least two goats to make one two-ply cashmere sweater, whereas the wool from one sheep can be used to make four or five conventional wool...Read More

How to Identify Pure Cashmere

Being one of the most luxurious natural fibers, cashmere is refined and delicate. It is durable and doesn’t harden over time, and stays dry and absorbs moisture nicely. With thousands of years of history, cashmere has qualities that are well known. The fine and cozy fiber is derived from the undercoat of cashmere goats. To survive in the harsh conditions of unyielding wilderness, natural selection has led the cashmere goat to embrace layering of a sort. Each goat has two coats – a top...Read More

7 Reasons To Switch To Natural Fiber Clothing

Natural fibers are good for you and good for the environment.They are a sustainable resource, as they are renewable, biodegradable and carbon neutral and they can be used without depleting or damaging the environment.Natural fibers include: Cotton Linen (made from flax) Silk Wool Cashmere Hemp Jute (a very coarse fiber used for things like carpets, not clothing) The choice to purchase natural fiber clothing reduces your toxic burden and the toxic burden on the environment. 1) Natural fibers are comfortable to wear Natural fibers...Read More


Cashmere has been proven to be very lightweight, but eight times warmer than wool from sheep. There is no finer yarn from which to make knitted clothing – and here at Alchemy Story, we are delighted to provide you with the very best authentic cashmere available worldwide. We are committed to providing high quality, elevated knitwear to our customers, but are mindful of the impact that cashmere production has on the environment. It takes four seasons – or the coats of four cashmere goats...Read More

How to Remove Stains from Cashmere

Pashmina or Cashmere comes from Persian Pashm meaning “made from wool”. Pashmina is a fine type of wool which comes from the underbelly of the Himalayan goat locally knows as Chyangra (Capra Hircus) which lives in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. Living in this high altitude, Himalayan goats need to have a warm winter fur to protect them against the bitter winter cold and to survive an extremely cold climate. This luxurious fiber is very warm and light and needs more care compared...Read More