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Alchemy Story was founded in February 2018, by a two sibling duo, Avipsa & Ajal from Nepal and her friend from Australia. Avipsa realised that beautiful Cashmere & Natural Fibre hand loomed knitwear that she appreciated so dearly was misunderstood, under appreciated hard to find.

Avipsa discovered that the finest and fairest quality Cashmere is actually from the goats of the Himalayas due to the extreme climate at the high altitude these goats endure. Alchemy Story is Asta’s Dream project dedicated to her mom. A project that shares untold story of quality Cashmere and Natural fibre products and bridge the gap between the older and younger generations.

The word ‘Alchemy’ means the process of converting something of less value into something of much higher value. So Alchemy Story caries the story of transformation Cashmere & Natural Fibres into extraordinary, comfortable, simple and sophisticated knitwear to be enjoyed for both business and pleasure.

Alchemy Story

Is Where Comfort Meets

Alchemy Story is reshaping the way Cashmere and Natural Fibres are used in clothes taking comfort and class to new levels with a unique offering of luxurious knitwear for Women and Men. We only share the most exclusive hand-loomed and natural-dyed Cashmere from the Himalayas and Natural Fibre products, designed in Australia.

We deliver the highest quality knitwear products at the lowest worthy prices worldwide. Our products are well known because of its natural unique colours, incredible softness, great warmth, and its lightweight; with a comfortable and classy look.


Our Ethos


Be the online and physical space and bridge where fibre lovers (both old and young) can discover and appreciate, and wear outstanding Cashmere and Natural Fibre products easily


Share outstanding handloom Cashmere and Natural fibre knitwear products in an ethical and sustainable way, while paying it forward to local communities


Socially & Ethically Conscientious
Love Fabric & Love People

We Understand fabrics

The Alchemy Story Difference

Hand Loomed with Natural Dyes

All our products are hand dyed and handloomed only using natural dyes, so our cashmere stays softer for longer

Ethically Sourced

We appreciate our people, so we pay our herders and trade workers fairly. So they can enjoy the work they do while looking forward to a better future.

Sustainable Fabrics

All our Cashmere and Natural Fibre products are sustainably sourced and are free from animal cruelty. So you can have peace of mind.v

Our Cashmere & Natural Fibre Wool

Our Cashmere wool is collected by hand-combing our mountain goats. Our fibres are longer as we only collect wool from Goats 2-3 times a year. This wool is then hand-dyed with natural dyes which helps the wool maintain its integrity.  Our Cashmere fibres are also thinner with fibres approx 15 microns long (while your hair is about 100 microns).  The longest, thinnest, and lightest in color fibers of the bunch = the softest and most durable Cashmere you’ll find. 

We use our weave patterns types and yarn depending on the context of use and product to ensure your Cashmere piece keeps its integrity and keeps you warm.

We believe in quality over quantity, making every effort to qualify the authenticity of each item – spot testing every batch so your pieces lasts you years and years. 

Fibre Length
Fibre thinness

Cashmere Wool

Our softest yarn blend compositions with Cashmere from soft to heavenly soft: 
Cashmere & Nettle Fibre  
Cashmere & Sheep Wool  
Cashmere & Cotton  
Cashmere & Silk  
Cashmere & Modal  
100% Cashmere 
Air Brushed Cashmere 


Our softest yarn blend compositions from soft to heavenly soft: 
Cashmere & Cotton Blend
Cashmere & Silk Blend
Silk & Modal Blend
100% Silk

Yak Wool

Our softest yarn blend compositions from soft to heavenly soft: 
Yak Wool & Nettle Fibre  
Yak Wool  & Sheep Wool
Yak Wool & Cotton  
100% Felted Yak wool

Nettle and Hemp Fibre

Our softest yarn blend compositions from soft to heavenly soft: 
Nettle/Hemp  & Yak/Sheep wool 
Nettle/Hemp & Cotton 
100% Nettle/Hemp Fibre

Cotton Wool

Our softest yarn blend compositions from soft to heavenly soft: 
Cotton & Nettle Fibre Blend
Cotton & Yak /Sheep Wool Blend
Cotton & Silk Blend
Cotton & Modal/Cashmere Blend

Sheep Wool

Our softest yarn blend compositions from soft to heavenly soft: 
Sheep Wool & Nettle Fibre  
Sheep Wool  & Sheep Wool
Sheep Wool & Cotton  
100% Felted Sheep Wool

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