With a passion to make a statement for everyday luxury, Alchemy Story defines sophistication at a new level. We only bring “the best, the beautiful and the rare” from the land of the Himalayas to suit your sophistication with a finishing touch of quality and perfection. We believe in quality over quantity, making every effort to qualify the authenticity of each item – spot testing every batch.

We belive “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

We get the highest quality cashmere around. The longest, thinnest, and lightest in color fibers of the bunch = the softest and most durable cashmere you’ll find.

We only use naturally shredded cashmere so all our products are cruelty-free. Cashmere generally shed by the animal during the early summer period.

All our products are hand dyed with natural dyes.No artificial colors are used. It makes less pollution to the water and less damage to the earth. It is our honor to use such fibers to make sweaters, scarves and other cashmere products.